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006 Success through Inner Business w. Linda Bjork

Linda shares her views on impossible which she spells as “I’m possible” 
We dive deep into intuition and to how we connect with it, including focusing on the why rather than the how!   
Linda talks on the concept of how the combination of mindfulness and inner business are essential for true success.
 We also discuss how daring to be crazy is a necessity to stay sane! Listen to our first epic episode in our chatshow now!


About Linda Bjork

Linda Bjork

Known as a mind training pioneer as a CEO, Linda Bjork has developed a new intelligence system that reaches far beyond intellectual abilities and emotional intelligence called Mindfulness Intelligence™ (MQ).

With the principles of MQ, coupled with Linda's extensive experience from making real results happen in the business world, Linda guides executives to overcome the limitations of stress and defeating mindsets, and step in to powerful levels of impact, necessary for the success of modern leaders.

Linda spells impossible "I'm possible" - a science nerd that became a Reverend, an artist that works in business, and a pacifist that trains Generals from the US Army. For someone who "couldn't write", Linda has authored the popular leadership development book “INNER BUSINESS, Training Your Mind For Leadership Success”.

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