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014 Leadership Mindset for Entrepreneurs w. Anna Parker-Naples

In this episode the podcast queen Anna Parker-Naples shares her journey from being bound to a wheelchair for life to being a walking, talking celebrity with her brand ‘Get Visable’. We chat about the importance of changing our mindset and how by doing so transformation happens quickly. Anna gives great examples on how you can discover your passion, dreams and the possibilities for success.


About Anna Parker-Naples

Anna Parker-Naples

Anna Parker-Naples is a Bestselling author, host of top iTunes podcast Entrepreneurs Get Visible, Speaker, multi award winning Coach & Hollywood Voice Actor. After being told she may never walk again, Anna discovered NLP and mindset work and began to transform her life. Within a few years not only had she recovered, but was on the red carpets in Hollywood at the top of her niche. Now she teaches others how to get visible in their industries to create the impact and authority they want for their business and personal fulfilment, specifically through getting visible as an authority in their field and the strategic use of podcasting.

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