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016 Surrender into Life w. Kacper Maciej Postawski

We are diving deep with Kacper Maciej Postawski on how he has manifested and lived several dreams over the last few years. Kacpers story answers life changing questions such as: How can you experience your true self? How to release your ego? How can you surrender and let go? How to release trauma?  He also shares about The dangers and benefits of the Bufo medicine, the power of intentions, the differences between psychedelic medicines and the experience of living from your higher self.


About Kacper Maciej Postawski

Kacper Maciej Postawski is a multipassionate entrepreneur who travels the world, fund anti-gravity and free energy projects, and currently make a living hosting 5MEO-DMT Bufo Psychadelic retreats in South America.

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