018 Katrina and Bryan

018 How to Live from F*ck YES every day w. Katrina & Bryan Elkins

In this light hearted yet deep conversation between 4 friends they unlock the energies of fully saying YES to life as they share their truths about: the Sacred Masculine and Feminine, the benefits and challenges of being world travellers with children in tow, reactivating DNA and the courage to jump.
Katrina and Bryan describe their elemental lifestyle where passion, freedom, connection and community is part of every day life.  


About Katrina & Bryan Elkins

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Katrina and Bryan empower men and women to get radically honest about their desires of intimacy so that they can live and THRIVE unapologetically in all areas of their life.

Their clients learn to embody their own sexual energy so they can blast through their plateaus and address any lingering addictions to food, porn, drugs, alcohol or mental games of self-sabotage, perfectionism, and control.

The tools and practices they share support the integration of the Masculine and Feminine energies to allow more intimacy, sex, play, joy, and bliss into all areas of LIFE!
Katrina's own personal process in overcoming depression, addiction, auto-immune diagnosis, and PTSD has given her the depth in holding the space of compassion for the journey to wholeness and complete freedom. Her global reach has touched the lives of many in India, Kuwait, England, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, England, Bangladesh, and the United States.
Bryan left his twenty year career as a civil engineer to pursue his life-long dream of traveling and photography. He is a way-shower for men to embrace their powerful creative force and go beyond the normal structures of professional paths. He has been instrumental in creating the expansive structure of support for the metaphysical sessions called the Gemini project in The Elemental Lifestyle.

They have been traveling the world with their two children for the last 18 months to India, Thailand, Cambodia, Cyprus, Sicily, Romania, and Greece. They have an open relationship and currently are living with their life partner Ben Roschke in California. Their time is fully dedicated to The Elemental Lifestyle and supporting the community and powerful transformation.
The Elemental Lifestyle methods include transformational coaching, structured group exploration calls, metaphysical play and DNA cellular repair: the Gemini project.

Their initial program Radical Honesty has blossomed into additional opportunities of support with MILK, HONEY, and THE WILD PARTS as part of their signature programs for transformation that busts through the deepest aches of the human experience and conditioning.

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