026 justin & Nicole

026 From Broke to Joy w. Justin & Nicole Dennis

We are joined by Justin and Nicole, two fun loving Aussies who are living life to the full and have found joy in more ways than one, after facing major health and financial challenges. Justin shares the importance of passion and  knowing your why and what you want for yourself, family and community. Also the value of community in times of challenge. They also speak about the benefits of having a way of earning that produces a residual and leveraged income.


About Justin Phillips & Nicole Dennis

Nicole Dennis is a Corporate boss babe turned Mum-preneur, mover & shaker and leader of the Shine Bright movement. Justin Phillips is a Wellness junkie + entrepreneur, believer in radical transformation, and one proud Daddy! Nicole & Justin thrive on helping people smash through their long held barriers and create freedom-infused lives they absolutely love.

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