Janique Svedberg

028 How Curiosity saved the Celebrity w. Janique Svedberg

Janique Svedberg, the rock n´roll Coconut celebrity, shares her heartfelt story with Susana and Oliver in this empowering episode. We dive deep into different types of addictions, the reasons and signs of addiction and abuse and what we can do to turn it around. We discuss how sex addictions and drug abuse is more common amongst young people today and how to have good relationships. She shares her keys to sobriety where curiosity, self love and boundaries are crucial, and tips for how to transform destructive behaviours for anyone who is interested in an exciting life and a thriving future.  


About Janique Svedberg

Janique is a renowned specialist in substance use disorder and mental health. She is an addiction therapist, Recovery Coach and interventionist, as well as a managing director and senior trainer at Sober Academy - an international organization that provides professional training for individuals working within the addiction treatment and recovery sector. She is also an author, TV star, Swedish New York Housewife, a singer and a dancer. And she is a lover of life!

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