030 The Secrets to Daily Lovemaking w. Kalindi Jordan and Pete Warnock

In this juicy episode we chat with Kalindi Jordan and Pete Warnock how pain can be an opening to a deep exploration into the unknown aspects of the body and how this can lead to pleasure on a very broad level. We dive deep into love making, the gifts of suffering and the full body experience of intimacy and beauty. Kalindi also shares her own journey into body image as she deals with loosing her hair.


Kalindi Jordan is an inspirational therapist and group facilitator who has worked in the field of intimacy coaching, sexual healing and transforming sexuality into spirituality for over 25 years. Pete Warnock has been practicing and teaching in the fields of meditation, breath work, energy work, sacred touch and sacred sexuality since 1992 and is the founder of Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork and Synergy Tantric Bodywork. Life drew us together in India 12 years ago and we have been living together in love since then. We instantly opened to each other sharing and pooling our talents and gifts. Our infectious enthusiasm and ease within our sexuality along with our depth of collective understanding drew people to ask us questions that they had always wanted to ask. Together we keep creating wonderful inner and outer adventures. We both work professionally in the realm of relationships, intimacy, sexual healing and vitality, meditation, living a connected and aware lifestyle.  We assist couples to bring deep, love , respect and transformation back into their love for each other, enabling them to live their dream life together. Our way is to always open to love, to encourage and support each other to meet those parts that sometimes shadow love. To meet ourselves fully.

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