seram saks

032 Quantum leaps and superpowers w. Seram Saks

Seram Saks shares about his story of transformation. How he has allowed himself to move through a deep transformation and how he has arrived at a place where the linearity of creation as most people know it today, has transformed into instant manifestations of superpowers for him. How can you dare to trust and relax and let spirit lead into a new way of living and create magic from that place, in the new reality of 2020.


I am a being who believes in appearances, others might say it is just a fairy tale. Exactly these stories I pick up to make them a reality.  I love to travel into places few of us ever arrive, I get my inspiration from those magical grounds and share gathered wonder with others around.  I believe in highest potential and essential goodness of humans, that everybody has a capacity to change and grow beyond what they themselves consider even possible.  Most of all I love to pour my love into poetry, music, writing and photography.

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