036 How to be Creative, Happy & Successful w. Jon Century

Our household Magical musician Jon Century shares how he materialised his childhood dream of being a musician in Hollywood, California.  Jon, Oliver and Susana chat about how to be happy for no reason, living outside the box of so called normality and the different shades of success. We cover the need to step away from others expectations and opinions to unleash your own dreams, passions and unique genius.


About Jon Century

I am Jon Century a Danish/American singer songwriter, living in Topanga California in the mountains close to the sea... but maybe it's more actuate to call myself a magician. Do I do magic in a traditional sense? No, not really, however I've been able to manifest the life of my dreams and while I most diffidently have many more dreams I'm working on I'm enjoying every step of the way of my magical life.

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