Ullis Karlsson

038 The Power of Embodiment w. Ullis Karlsson

In this episode we dive deep into the power of embodiment and body intelligence. Ullis Karlsson shares her story of going from deep depression and anxiety into her awakening journey starting in a Swedish snowy forest. After discovering yoga she followed the breadcrumbs into developing her personal feminine yoga practice and courses as an entrepreneur. Ullis shares her secret of how to manifest the impossible. We also chat about us all being leaders, the feminine and masculine powers and what it takes to feel fully alive.


About Ullis Karlsson

I am an Author, Yogatherapist, and Stress and Relaxation expert. I help people to move from stress, transform stress into stillness and to relax into Expansion. I help and guide mainly women who long for a happier, more peaceful and juicer Life. I choose to live my Life in all that I am, which sometimes can feel impossible 😉

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