050 How to Leave it all Behind w. Monika Mundell

Monika Mundell, a nomadic entrepreneur, tells her story on how she and her husband decided to sell up, leave the stress of owning multiple properties and working long hours to travel the world. Monika shares some of the many amazing experiences they have had embracing local culture and customs and how she has maintained and developed a successful business. Hear her insights in how to manifest and live in the now.


About Monika

Monika Mundell is a Freedom-Loving Nomad Entrepreneur...
Lover of cruising, animals, travel, sacred geometry, shamanism, nature & good food & wine.
And... she's an experienced, in demand Persuasion & Client Attraction Coach!

Nika helps Female Coaches, Course Creators & Experts, who are ready to tear down the ordinary
to create an EXTRAORDINARY business.

The fastest way to get started is by joining her 7 dollar / month coaching program where she teaches women how to message and market with irresistible ease: lifestylefor7.com

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