052 The Power of Laughter w. Chamundai

Laughter is the best medicine, yet most of us take life way too seriously.  Discover how to laugh without the need for a joke or a comedian and boost your oxytocin - your feel good hormone with Chamundai the Laughter Lawyer. Hear how she went from a serious lawyer to starting laughter clubs in Australia and knowing the power of laughter to open your heart to connect us. Essential right now when hugging is limited and we need more happiness than ever. 


About Chamundai

Chamundai is a lawyer with a christian upbringing, a spiritual teacher and energy healer. She chants sacred mantra and does daily ceremonies learned with a living enlightened master in India. She leads sacred retreats in India.. does this sound impossible ?

Chamundai has spent her life following her intuition and deep inner knowing, motivated by a deep yearning to help others. At the same time she has been married and had 2 children, been in the professional world and remained true to her soul’s calling.

She has worked in the fields of counselling, conflict resolution, community legal centres and organisations. She discovered laughter yoga, became “The Laughter Lawyer”, started laughter clubs, trained others and delivered laughter workshops to law firms, legal conferences, hospitals, schools and community groups in Australia and overseas. She has appeared on radio, TV and been featured in print media for this work.

Chamundai’s spiritual journey led her to meet and study with yogis, saints and spiritual teachers, to trek in Nepal, swim in 2 holy rivers, visit sacred sites, temples and ashrams in India, (her second home). She now teaches and supports spiritual seekers so they can make a difference in the lives of others, wake up and connect to their soul and find their joyful nature.

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