054 Let your Heart lead you back into Alignment w. Suzie Cobden

Suzie Cobden shares her story of shifting from being an employee to following her hearts guidance into the unknown. Where did she find support and guidance? How can a Nanna like her, suddenly change into making a living online? We chat about how to befriend your mind and let your heart lead you back into alignment the live the impossible life in your way.


About Suzie Cobden

I am a Nanna .. I have 5 adorable grandchildren, 4 of them just babies and they remind me whats real. I stepped into the online world in a big way only 18 months ago .. after relying on a rather sporadic income provided by life coaching and energy work after leaving previous employment in 2016. I have been an avid imbiber and liver of all things spiritual, metaphysical and energy for more than a decade. I was reluctant to shift my focus away from what I felt was my path, but as life always does, I was nudged and then pushed until I had no option than to cede. My passion is empowering women .. it's actually more than a passion .. its something I MUST do. You can imagine my delight when a seemingly innocuous online platform presented itself that actually not only supported empowerment, but it was a compulsory and huge part of the training. MY LIFE will NEVER bee the SAME and I am DELIGHTED. I now help women FREELY all over the world to find their truth and if they wish to join me, I assist them in not only creating their own life by design, but freeing their families and communities and empowering other to do the same .. TRULY a 5D life

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