058 Create Empowerment in Boardroom and Bedroom w. Anne Bland

Enjoy Anne Blands intimate story of becoming selflessly happy through sexual satisfaction and seasoning her life. Oliver and Susana chat with Anne about living from our passions and unique genius, living green and sustainable, connected and follow the cycles of nature in our everyday life. Anne share about her life journey as a politician, burn-out experience, sustainable lifestyle in Finland and new juicy path in England. 


About Anne Bland

I help people to become ’SelfishlyHappy’ in bedroom and boardroom. We live in a society that expects high achievement. We are told that we can ’have it all!’ And we do... until we burn-out. That happened to me, not once or twice but three times! I am now dedicating my life to help people to look after themselves first and foremost both in personal and professional lives. Because if we don’t love ourselves, there is no love to give to the others. It we don’t have energy, we cannot make a difference in the world. My mission has always been to change the world - and the true change starts from within. This is my invitation to join the Selfishly Happy Revolution - How to Change the World One Orgasm at the Time!

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