062 Society for humans to thrive w. Antti Kirjalainen

Antti Kirjalainen is a recovering architect - a Helsinki based concept designer, producer and entrepreneur. Working with people’s dreams on how we can live in complete harmony with everything is an inspiring profession for him and humanity can do so much more than we think we are capable of. He is working on community creation through a network of nomadic cities around the world, bringing already existing technologies together.


About Antti Kirjalainen

I am a recovering architect - a Helsinki based concept designer, producer and entrepreneur. Co-founder at neurovizr.com neuro reality (NR), verso.de corporate responsibility (CR) SaaS, vonmorgen.io virtual (VR) learning environments, sivistysliitto.fi association for psychedelic education & culture, seriousgamingcluster.fi and sammal.tech holistic integration initiative.

My work revolves around storytelling, brand creation, corporate identity, visual design and copy writing for learning and wellbeing. I work with founding teams to map out the shared value base, emerging brand core, service design and user experience journey. Working with people’s dreams is an inspiring profession. Facilitating space for evolution of cooperation, realisation of our underlying, radical interdependency, and unity consciousness, a blast.

At SAMMAL we are working on community creation, technological database and network of professionals on personal, social and environmental integration. I sit at the boardS of Light Year Creations currently working on E-course design, production and sales for individual wellbeing, WNG Constructions for regenerative villages and Northern Light for forest protection, bio technologies and Earth medicine.

May the forest be with you.

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