068 Sleep your way to achieve more w. Mag Secretario

In this relaxing episode Pam and Oliver chat with Mag Secretario a sleep, energy expert and health coach on the importance of sleep, a slower pace and rest to perform your best. We discuss how gratitude has transformed our lives and how he wants the future to look. This includes tai chi and chi gong to raise energy and improve health and wellbeing on all levels.


About Mag Secretario

As a Personal Energy & Potential Coach, I’m passionate about serving leading coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs realise their full potential and success. I believe the Impossible Life is enhanced through the experience of first having great sleep, health, and energy!

As a successful designer, a creative problem solver in the health & luxury beauty retail design industry for over 25 years, I bring many diverse experiences and skills together. At the creative intersection of modern lifestyle and ancient wisdom, the east and west, the art & science, my intention is to help solve the global problem of sleep through collaboration, health and life coaching, online courses and experiential retreats.

Design for me, has always been about environmental sustainability and now I focus on personal sustainability because my many sleepless nights, depression for years and eventual burnout, taught me that without your health, you can’t do what you really, truly love. Most of all, I now know that sleep is the foundation of ALL well-being. Good sleep changed my life and I know it can change yours and your clients lives profoundly.

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