072 Heal Sexual Trauma w. Kalindi Jordan

We dive deep with Kalindi Jordan an Energy Engineer of Sexual Trauma into why sexual abuse exists and what we can do to heal it from both the perspective of the victim and perpetrator. With the increase of pornography, rape and abuse of all kinds it is essential these topics are addressed and no longer hidden in the shadows to allow healing to occur. 


About Kalindi Jordan

Kalindi Jordan is an inspirational therapist and group facilitator who has worked in the field of intimacy coaching, sexual healing and transforming sexuality into spirituality for over 25 years. Kalindi works professionally in the realm of relationships, intimacy, sexual healing and vitality, meditation, living a connected and aware lifestyle. Kalindi and her partner Pete assist couples to bring deep, love , respect and transformation back into their love for each other, enabling them to live their dream life together. Their way is to always open to love, to encourage and support each other to meet those parts that sometimes shadow love. To meet themselves fully.

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