074 Transforming Sexual Challenges w. Humita

Humita founder of Passionate Women Inc. chats about how she has transformed her sexual challenges into a full blown life empowerment program for women. 

She grew up in a beautiful Indian-Surinam family and explains how the cultural taboos and 'not knowing’ around sexuality made it difficult to understand the problems she was experiencing. Deep personal work has allowed her to transform her life, release her sexual energy and passion not just for herself but in also helping others overcome their own conditioning and trauma.


About Humita

The moment she entered this world, life was never the same anymore.
Her dynamic and strong energy, big heart and positive and beautiful mind, makes Humita a very special talented being. When she enters the room or when you hear her voice, you will never forget her, and actually you want only more.
This quality made her an extraordinary businesswoman back in the days in the glitter & glamour TV-World. She was only 30 years young when she was at the top of one of the biggest and most successful Media Multinationals. 
The past decade Humita is running her own companies and lives again her passion and dreamlife. 

Nowadays she is an Intuition Coach supporting women to embrace their femininity and sexuality. And she guides them towards their dream-life and setting up their own passionate businesses. Humita is a certified Tantric Yoga & Meditation Therapist and travels the world with her beautiful man to share their gifts during retreats and private sessions.

Humita thrive’s on life’s beauty, magic and relies on miracles, and guides others to become the best version of themselves and live a passionate life! She is the founder of Passionate Women Inc. and soon her book will be launched! In the both chapters of her life so far, she definitely makes the impossible possible in an extraordinary authentic way!  This Woman is on fire ….
Special deal for all listeners here, to join her Module Woman & Sexuality with 85% discount now, send an e-mail to info@humita.nl

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