076 The Growth from Open Relationships w. Katrina, Bryan & Ben

In today’s Live the Impossible Show we are joined by Katrina, Bryan and Ben from The Elemental Lifestyle as they openly share the ups and downs to ultimate Growth from Open Relationships. How to bring 3 adults and 2 kids together. We explore the importance of trust, love and honesty in all relationships and how to navigate the difficult moments and conversations. How can this be a journey of falling into radical self-love?


About Katrina, Bryan & Ben at Elemental Lifestyle

Katrina Elkins, Bryan Elkins, and Ben Roschke are creators of the Elemental Lifestyle - an open-source community dedicated to helping individuals discover their F*CK YES and opening their lives to the power of love and community. Katrina is a best-selling author and life-purpose alignment and intimacy coach. With Ben and Bryan, the Elemental Lifestyle helps individuals and romantic partners (of all varieties) reach alignment with their highest life purpose and themselves through coaching and radical approaches to somatic healing.

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