080 Wholesome Roleplay of the Sexes w. Robert Lubarski & Camille Rishøj

Wholesome Role-play of the masculine and feminine with Robert Lubarski a sexologist love shaman and Camille Rishøj a psychotherapist. They share openly about their role play as a couple and how they use it in workshops to heal the wounded masculine and feminine and bring out the full power of sacred sexuality.


About Robert Lubarski & Camille Rishøj

Camille is an artist and a psychotherapist specialising in relationship, trauma and sexuality and Robert is a sexologist, couple therapist and a love shaman. We live together in a brought together family with 5 kids and all its fantastic and challenging moments. To connect we had to go through a lot of challenges in a way to prove that our love was worth fighting for and in that journey we established the roots of the work we do today: "The conscious relationship" The deep tantra in our eyes is not all about having orgastic spiritual sex but to invite all our misfits into our relationship and sex life, give them room in our lives and look at them with our loving eyes. We have done a lot of public talks, radio, teaching and workshops for couples, and the strength of us working together is that we constantly have to make a balance between the masculine and the feminine and to use our forces and different skills. We do not have a website in English yet, but we offer sessions in English to clients and couples.

 You can find us on Facebook or Roberts Danish Website robertlubarski.com. You can also write to us on our email addresses: robert@lubarski.dk or camillenielsen@me.com

P.S. Robert is also producing a podcast together with a trance medium where he interviews "Merlin" a group of more than 2000 entities, about love and sex. The project is a way to revolutionise the way we look at sexuality because we live in a world where you can be stoned for your sexuality physically or mentally everywhere on the globe today. That has to stop because only by giving love to our sexuality without shame and blame we can give love to our lifeforce. At the time the show is only in Danish but we are working on an English version we hope can be broadcasted in late 2020. 

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