082 Make Love Great w. Dr Gayle Friend

We are joined by Dr. Gayle Friend an intimacy expert, author, speaker, and coach as we discover pleasure and intimacy and how to make love great. Gayle shares her intimate story about her failed marriage and what saved her second marriage and how they have kept it pleasurable and juicy. Get her best tips on how to find pleasure, closeness and intimacy in your life.


About Dr. Gayle Friend

www.DrGayleFriend.comDr. Gayle Friend is an intimacy expert, author, speaker, and coach. She specializes in helping people gain the confidence to freely be their true selves – in, and out of the bedroom. Gayle is a doctor of human sexuality and has co-facilitated training for therapists and medical doctors on the broad diversity of sexuality. Her steadfast belief that, no matter what, the sun will shine again is the current running through her keynotes, workshops, coaching and writing. Once on the brink of a second divorce, Gayle developed a process that turned her, and her marriage, completely around. She is highly successful in helping her clients replicate this in their own relationships to create vibrant love lives – body, mind, heart and spirit. When not empowering clients and audiences with her transformational approach, Gayle can often be found collecting heart-shaped rocks at the beach, painting, or cooking up a storm with her husband.

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