083 No Sex Sexuality w. Anaiya Sophia & Pete Wilson

We chat with Anaiya Sophia and Pete Wilson on: Is it possible to have no sex sexuality? They share openly on how their sexuality has changed over different stages of their lives and why. Together we dive into the new paradigms of sexuality and learning about love. We go to deep into the dark side of paedophilia, pornography and the young generation confusions and possibilities to transform.


About Pete Wilson & Anaiya Sophia

Anaiya and Pete: a married couple living and loving in the historic and beautiful foothills of the French Pyrenees, have their own BnB “Occitania”. Together in union with the land, they take people on their own Grail Quest and into an immersive interaction where an initiation by the Feminine Principle is almost always guaranteed. Anaiya, a multi-published author of 7 books with another in-release, has a background in design, Kundalini Yoga and Mystic Feminine Wisdom. Pete is an ex-infantry soldier, a no-bullshit, straight-talking man who through poetry and prose explores The Hero in the guise of the-guy-nextdoor. Their home, which is more of a Temple, draws in both “deliberate” and “accidental” guests into an inner world, exploring what for them has “meaning”. Inviting people into their “home” rather than it being a business, the couple together with their three furry children (2 dogs and a cat) make-to-measure a shared time leaving them feeling just that much more alive.

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