084 Sacred Sexuality Embodied w. Pete Warnock

In todays Live the Impossible Show we chat with Pete Warnock a specialist in tantra, energy and embodiment work. Pete shares his story of sexual disfunction and how he transformed his feelings about himself and overcome this. Now he is passionate about supporting others. We discuss masculine and feminine programming, common problems around sexuality, the different ways of experiencing sexuality and the difference between masturbation and self pleasure.


About Pete Warnock

I am Pete Warnock, I live a mostly ecstatic life - even though I have been experiencing chronic pain since a spinal injury aged 5. I have been studying and exploring breath, touch, energy, consciousness, tantra and spirituality since a series of awakenings in my early twenties that dramatically changed my perception of life and have since spent my life sharing my insights in various ways with individuals and groups in many countries. I transformed from being emotionally shut down, self loathing, depressed, anxious and sexually dysfunctional and terrified of intimacy to experiencing myself as the source of wonder, magic, life and LOVE inside my body. I have created and taught systems of bodywork and breathwork and am at present working on an online course that distills much of my life’s work into a course for transformation, freedom from suffering, emotional liberation and spiritual awakening.

Teaching that you are your own guru, you are your healer and you are the source of magnificence, wonder and love that you have always been searching for - whether you know it or not. For the past 12 years I have lived in a deeply fulfilling tantric relationship with my beloved Kalindi Jordan. Together we teach presence based sexual alchemy and sacred intimacy to couples and individuals. My work life is varied. On one hand I work with touch based sexual healing - mostly with women through tantric bodywork, breathwork and energy work. I also facilitate sessions and workshops/retreats on sacred intimacy and sexuality, breathwork, spiritual awakening and emotional transformation - that is intimacy with the divine spark inside which includes our entire life. I have discovered keys to open us to our divine nature and how to come out of suffering. I work with people from all walks of helping people transform all sorts of dysfunction and suffering.

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