088 From opera diva to Sound Magician w. Sólrún Braga

At Live the Impossible Show we hear the healing songs and life story of how an opera diva transformed into a Sound Magician. We listen to Sólrún Bragas magical world travelling journey through the traditional opera houses, husbands and healing work and use of her voice to liberation, flow and creativity. We get a backstage view of the opera world and the opera house cultures and its dirty little secrets. We tune into an experience her magic in her music and enjoy her multidimensional wisdom in this extravaganza episode.


About Sólrún Braga

I am an Icelandic, highly sensitive Voice Diva and Sound Magician. I have stood on many Opera stages and Concert Platforms all over Europe, USA and Japan that gave me both great joy and insights in how I would like to be a leader in creating a another kind of singing tradition in the world. To bridge the classical realm with the spiritual realm or a holistic approach to singing. Both in my own presentations as a singer and in my teachings that I call Soulflowsinging. Ever since I remembered I have taken the road less traveled, following my Higher Intelligence in my creations and personal choices. I have been ridiculed and attacked for my seemingly delusional decisions in life that then proved to be the largest leaps into incredible expansions of growth. All those leaps changed my life for good and most of them are connected to moving to different countries. All of them with short notice and hardly any preparations. I do love my country but am much more of a world traveller or an International Being. Listening to my Heart to take those leaps, no matter the Nay sayers, saved my sanity and life and are the foundation for my Creations.

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