089 Let the Music Play You w. Seram Saks

Seram Saks takes us on a journey through the wilderness of excuses of why we never get creative. Learn how to see through your own bypassing and hear how we are standing on the edge of a silent revolution around letting out your inner artist. Seram  shares how he has stopped his excuses and started playing several instruments in a short span of time. Hear his secrets to this.


About Seram Saks

I am, that I can be pretty sure of. Everything else is in constant change. Since early childhood I’ve been sure, that I’m just a brush in the hands of Divine Artist, a magician who creates this world and me in it.
I must say, he manages to surprise me every day, if I simply allow it. And I do.
He in return takes me to most wonderful, magical and creative endeavours that constantly make me forget who I have been so far and what are the endless possibilities that can manifest through this being here.

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