090 A Feminine Way to Co-create a book w. Ulrika Karlsson

On Live the Impossible Show Tora becomes a guest together with Ullis Karlsson her co-author in the new book Holy F*ck and Sacred Water. They chat about the feminine way to cocreate a book and the benefits of collaborating for the creative process and personal transformation and how the book would have been very different if written alone and in a more traditional way. What is a feminine way of writing and where is the balance with the masculine? How do we create the spark for a masterpiece?


About Ulrika Karlsson

Ulrika has studied yoga and other holistic disciplines for more than 28 years. Since 2015, she has taken the opportunity to dive deeper and explore - through her own body - sacred sexuality, holy water, and the Yoni.

Ulrikas first book, 2:47 AM: The Journey Home to My Heart, is an autobiography where from a raw, naked, and vulnerable space she shares her inner journey. A journey to liberate herself from her own inner prison. To be able to come back home – into her heart. This book is now sold in seven countries, giving inspiration and hope to others who suffer from mental illness! You can find it on Amazon.

From her long and life-changing experiences, Ulrika shares her embodied wisdom, her knowledge, her passion, her teachings, and also her vision, across the globe. Today she is a well-liked and experienced feminine leadership coach, international spiritual teacher and author, Yoga teacher & therapist, public speaker, and trainer with the entire world as the field for her work. Ulrika primarily helps and guides women in senior and leadership positions who long for a more authentic, peaceful, juicy, and balanced life. Ulrika’s vision is to contribute to a more beautiful, free, conscious, and loving world for all of us to live in together. Her method is a unique combination of well-proven modern western techniques and ancient eastern wisdom and knowledge.

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