092 Secrets to Catching the essence of Nature w. Marielle van Dop

at Live the Impossible Show we connect with naturephotographer, writer and earthwoman Marielle van Dop we Catch the essence of nature in the northern north through the lens of joy. Marielle shares her compelling story of moving from the Netherlands to live in a light house in the farthest north of Norway. She shares her tips and secrets of how to capture the essence of nature with a camera and the intrusiveness of working with people.


About Marielle van Dop

Marielle van Dop, naturephotographer, writer and earthwoman.
 In 2014 I followed the whispers of my soul, to spend a year in the world’s most Northern lighthouse on the mainland: Slettnes fyr in Gamvik, Norway. Here I wandered through the beautiful nature to take pictures and write about it. It helped me to reconnect to my inner nature. On my return to the Netherlands, I felt so closed in that I could no longer thrive there. The call of my soul to return to the primal landscape of the arctic was so strong that, even though I was in my late 50’s, I bought a house and emigrated to Gamvik. After arriving, I really had to take my time to land and to feel again my deep connection to the earth. The many walks in nature and the pictures I made helped, my conversations with the nature beings here helped even more. The time has come to share more of the uniqueness of the primalness here. Especially now when our world is filled with fear and stress, I want to help people feel the touch of nature, so they can reconnect to their inner nature and make choices that benefits all living creatures on this earth.

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