096 Hidden Secrets to Freedom Revealed W. :Henrik-Kromann: Jensen.

On todays Live the Impossible Show our minds are blown by how we have been hood winked for centuries and our sovereign liberties hidden from us. Henrik shares his discoveries and knowledge on how our language has been distorted, original meaning lost and how by using Quantum grammar we can reclaim our freedom. He reveals secrets and shares tips on how to claim your freedom and sovereignty. 


About :Henrik-Kromann: Jensen.

I am a Danish man on an awakening path for 3 decades. I am currently making my stand publicly as a National Sovereign living man under Common-Law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. I am working with a local group in Denmark "National-Sovereign-Council Of Denmark"of living men & women and other Scandinavian countries working to develop ways to navigate in the private within the government/state system, using the remedies already available within in the system but kept hidden and secret from the general population. The Private system is a mirror system to the existing public system and co-exist with the public system, which is the only one mostly known to the public. We are working with a holistic approach to the human being as a multiple dimensional being with the approach of living a healthy lifestyle physical as well as ethical. We offer courses in Denmark in English from October 2020 called "Journey to Private Sovereignty".

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  • Inquire about a Live-Life-Claim or get in touch with :Henrik-Kromann: Henrik-Kromann@pm.me

  • Holy F*ck and Sacred Water book
  • In Power Movement website
  • Solutions Empowerment website
  • Documents against forced vaccination for Denmark (other countries, please use the Solutions Empowement website above)
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