098 Navigate through the Tough Times w. Naia Louise

On Live the Impossible Show we are joined by Naia Louise an explorer and eternal student of this grand design of life. We chat about  how to bypass the spiritual bypass and navigate through the tough times with breath and awarenessssssss as she describes her many types of journeys and explorations. She shares her tips and strategies and takes us through a short breathwork practice for instant relief.


About Naia Louise

What a privilege to be here sharing with you. I am an explorer and eternal student of this grand design of life. I believe living the impossible is staying fully available to life in all its ups and downs every day and being willing to outgrow yourself on an ongoing basis. As someone who is passionate about the human condition and healing in its many forms, I continue to expand my understanding of body, mind, spirit connection.

From my early years in a dance collective to my longtime love of practicing and teaching yoga, I’ve continued to grow through Breathwork, Ecstatic Dance and Hypnotherapies. Living the impossible becomes loving within possibilities and the necessary steps to being able to stay present for the greatest outcomes.

Today is a new day. I’m excited to see how I can live the impossible today.

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