102 Multidimensional Archaeology and the Human Spirit w. Karen Thornton

At Live the Impossible Show we are joined by multidimensional Archaeologist extraordinaire Karen Thornton author of She Walks: A Journey of the Human Spirit. We excavate into the power of the land, sacred sites and the ancient wisdom of humanity calling us into realignment for the new paradigm.

Karen shares some of her stories of exploration around the world and her Indiana Jones experiences in deep cave systems.  She talks about the power of sound to heal and transform and how we can change the world one footprint at a time.


About Karen Thornton

KAREN THORNTON B.SoSci (Hons) Archaeology Karen's interest in the beauty and nature of the human spirit is inspired by her love of sacred structure and the magic and mystery it unveils, this stems from her award winning background and working experience within the field of sacred architecture and sacred landscape. this led her to undertake an Honours degree in archaeology and the Authorship of her inspired book titled – She Walks: A Journey of the Human Spirit. SHE WALKS is a reminder of who we are and have always been. It is a story about the adventurous spirit of a young woman with the courage and conviction to do and trust what her heart desires. Karen’s quest was to understand the sacred and magical aspect of the Human Spirit and how it connects to the modern and ancient way of perceiving reality. Karen’s explorations have taken her on a global journey as she walked within the heart of the people. This led her to witness the true essence and wonder of our cultural and human significance. WHAT IF - there are no mistakes or wrong turns in life. WHAT IF – the path you walk is not always what it seems, and yet, exactly how it should be. Walk with me, find the hidden magic within and awaken your Spirit, discover how YOU MATTER.

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