112 Use Quantum Physics to Freedom w. Mikael Säflund

Debunk scientism, destroy dogmas and shift your reality with quantum physics. Mikael Säflund, quantum physic and entrepreneur at Instant Transformation works with the power of consciousness and gives Pam an instant transformation of her pain. He shares about the 10 untrue dogmas of science that keep us enslaved. Three huge keys to freedom helps us realize who we are, where we come from and where we are going.


About Mikael Säflund

Im writing a new book in order to find out who we really are and where we humans come from. Our history is erased in every war on earth. So who are we and who am I? Im simply a product of story shortly and my soul is created from the creator, thats my knowing of "me". Im a searcher and my life is extremely exciting. Im helping people by remembering them who they really are trough my talks and courses. My story is quite extraordinary - from active sail competitor to theatre to professional actor on Dramaten and then being Director of several plays and musicals on big theatre in Stockholm like Oscarsteatern. To achieve masters degree in entrepreneurship and then starting the Teaterakademien for actors and artists training. Meanwhile studying Quantum Physics and consciousness beside. I have also under ten years been on a mission from the government - educated Police, Prosecutors and Court Judges in ethics and behavior. I'v traveled the world and learnt about consciousness and quantum physics. Met most of my inspirers and scientist I'v read - and learnt we have been lied to for such long time, and most of the earth population believe in the lie. This was something we have to change as soon as possible. That lead to - I started the company Consciousness Technologies AB 2012 in order to inform people about the new science proving we are divine and extremely potent creators. And train them in this technology. Im now working in many country's and I'm meeting wonderful people all over the world who have had it - and they all are extremely talented attendees on my courses. So everything in the teachings and training in the courses is how fast we can create and uncreate reality. We can shift Physical, Mental and Emotional states whit in seconds and thats the only truth. Everything else is BS. Mikaels mission statement. - Who I invite to work with me. -Who attend my courses: People who are looking for a new way (that feels better-works faster-pioneering-front) to facilitate others in their desire for change. People ready to pioneer and explore new territories of consciousness, reality, manifestation, technologies for change. People who love to see others become potent creators. People who love progress. People who like the idea of taking miracles for granted and being catalysts for them. Yet who want to base themselves in facts and solid science rather than mysticism, dogma, ritual. People who are ready to explore the power of consciousness. Those are the people who show up on my courses. Mikael

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