114 Beat the System on its Own Terms w. Cal Washington

From construction worker and a divorce to learning about sovereignty, freedom, law, corporations and beating the system on its own terms Cal Washington is changing the world for the better. He has learnt the rules of the system and is playing them better than they are. Cal shares his amazing story and gives tips on what to do to stop things such as smart meter installations. How do we let go of the fear and stand in our power? What type of letters will make the system leave you alone?


About Cal Washington

Cal Washington is an empowerment advocate and contractor who, "has stumbled into knowledge leading to an extraordinary experience within the systems of commerce and justice". As co-founder of the, InPower Movement he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge to help people truly take back their power, and hold accountable those involved in agendas causing harm.

Cal explains how men and women, worldwide, can hold public officials and CEO’s accountable for causing widespread harm with trespassing technology. He has co-authored a new commercial liability action to solve the 'smart' meter problem, as well as the looming 5G rollout, Mandatory Vaccination, and geo-engineering. Learn how it works, why it works, and how each of us can participate.

Construction contractor, musician, and family man-turned law merchant scholar. He found himself tangled in the legal system and was forced to learn the truth about how things are, rather than how things appeared, or how things should be. Through his difficult journey, a path emerged. At the end of this path, he found himself on the other side, free of tyranny. This knowledge and experience came at great cost, but also with a great blessing. Today Cal is inspired to share that knowledge and experience with others, so that what happened for one can happen for many.

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