117 Back to Coherence w. Beate Heinkel

Why is it important to come into coherence, especially NOW? How can we use it? How do we get into coherence?
We flow with the waves of birds in murmuration as we fly high with Beate Heinkel about coherence; heart coherence, the nervous system, natural phenomena, Schumann Resonance, electromagnetic fields and other gems to support us to come back to coherence. We even get a fairy tale to contemplate on.


About Beate Heinkel

As a child I experienced first states of unity consciousness during stays in nature. My early academic interests clearly were astronomy and biology!Fascinated by nature, I studied Western medicine and Chinese medicine, which led me to the fringes of science and into the vastness of Dao, the ancient spiritual teachings. I studied New Physics, Quantum Theories and New Medicine, learned biological decoding, old healing methods, naturopathy, shamanic teachings and much more. My growing holistic understanding and my spiritual experiences of unity and oneness are the breeding ground for my deep trust in the healing power of every human being.A long experience of unity and oneness opened the channel for the immense healing power of love flowing in every human being. Energy work, rituals and meditation belong to my training as a healer in the NOW.I lead women's groups, advise and accompany men and women in transformation.I am found by people who want a professionally competent companion without giving up personal responsibility in life changing experiences.These are people who want to stay healthy or grow, and people, who see a crisis or i-llness as an opportunity for transformation.Love is my most important "instrument", a broad knowledge is my foundation and the ability to inspire is my gift.Thus I stand with my whole and wholy being in the service of people for a healthy, fulfilled life and CONSCIOUS WE(A)LL BEING.

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