130 New Human Relations w. Anneli Påmark & Carl Österberg

We chat with Anneli Påmark & Carl Österberg co founders of Human Awareness, about new ways of being and relating. We explore how things will change in the great awakening with awareness, honesty and love. We dive into love relations, its shadows and the importance of embodiment. How do we live the impossible? How do we make the most of life? What are the keys to a healthy relations? What can we create for the future?


About Anneli Påmark & Carl Österberg

Anneli Påmark & Carl Österberg freed themselves from the 3D matrix, ten years ago, when they left their successful executive careers behind, and founded the company Human Awareness, to serve mankind in the great awakening.

They are the authors of the Swedish best-selling book ”Refuse to Follow the Leader – All the Way to Health, Success and Happiness”, and will soon launch their next book which is about how to create truly magical love relationships. It contains unique spiritual knowledge that has never before been available on this planet.

Anneli’s and Carl’s expertise is in leadership, relationships, ego busting and emotional awareness, and their teachings come from previous life experiences together, in highly developed societies, where a much more conscious way of life is normal, very far from what is considered normal on the planet Earth. That is why the Human Awareness methodology is so powerful and creates such profound and life-altering results. It is also supported by the latest research in personal development and psychology as well as traditional leadership.

Human Awareness offers, live and online, life-changing courses and coaching, and also educates coaches and group leaders.

Anneli & Carl passionately empower people to make the transition to becoming the new humans on earth, to live their lives to the fullest in joy and harmony.

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We might earn from qualifying purchases from affiliate links shared #CommissionsEarned