151 Lead with Clarity and Curiosity w. Debra Sunderland

Come and play as we thrive into how to Lead with Clarity and Curiosity with Debra Sunderland who specializes in awakening leaders to their genius. Debra shares about her competitive life and how it led to a transformation, an awakening and how she found her purpose.  We peer into the world of leaders and CEO’s, their challenges and search for new ways of business and life. What are the new keys for leaders? How can you change corporate culture? Why should a CEO put themselves first? How can we spread more magic in the world?


About Debra Sunderland

With decades of C-level executive and team coaching, Debra coaches leaders to create a collaborative, vibrant, responsible, and joy-filled culture that leads to the results that are most wanted. Her practice is shared in a diverse range of industry: hi-tech, wealth management, engineering, healthcare, marketing and more. Debra specializes in awakening leaders to their genius by shifting from unconscious beliefs and behaviors, to self-awareness - bridging what they say they want to what they actually have. She challenges leaders to own their results in all areas of life. Organizations achieve their desired outcomes by raising up teams that learn to shift out of drama and create win-for-all solutions. The core of Debra’s coaching is providing conscious tools for leaders and teams - to practice and implement into their lives. Debra’s clients and their companies become the model of transformation, no matter where they are on their journey. Her clients include RMB Capital, UBS, Highland Solutions, Gamma Partners, Brindley Engineering, Esser Hayes Insurance, Mars, Inc., SESAC, PNC Bank, Nashville Public Radio, and the Nashville Lawyers’ Association for Women. Debra graduated from Miami University, holds a degree in Psychology and is certified in The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, the Integrative9 Enneagram, Corporate Goal Coaching, and CTI Co-Active training. Debra’s work has been featured on Fox National/Local News, Crain’s Chicago Business, the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and 190 N Television. Her base is Nashville and Chicago.

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