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160 The Esoteric Approach to Exit the Matrix w. kenneth scott

The Esoteric Approach to Exit the Matrix with Kenneth Scott (AKA Ken Cousens) co-founder of  PanTerra D’Oro. A Private Society and Private Contract Association. A deep and meaningful conversation into the various types of laws, tricks and traps of the mainstream approach to sovereignty. He describes the parasitic nature and mirroring of the controlling part of the matrix.
What is the esoteric view on commerce? What is your strawman and how does it relate to usufruct? Are you a mariner, a merchant or property? What is UCC and where does it come from? How can you rescind contracts and signatures?


About Kenneth Scott

Kenneth Scott

Co-founder Panterra

kenneth scott (AKA Ken Cousens) and andrea helen (AKA Andrea Teale) co-founded the PanTerra D’Oro Private Society and Private Contract Association in 2001 for the purpose of building a global community of like-minded/like-spirited beings to provide education and practical solutions in areas of law, money, banking, monetary systems, history, and esoteric systems and to mobilize the members of the Society for global service through projects and work in the world. Since meeting in 1992 Andrea and Ken have worked ceaselessly to build PanTerra D’Oro into a global organization to transform this planet to a world of peace and prosperity for all. In the course of their journey they have traveled the world, meeting many people with similar intentions, gathering members for the Society and building the structure into what it is today. They have established many alliances and associations in fulfillment of this intent. The Society is a thriving organization made up of passionate people who wish to make a difference in the world, who have come together because of the common purpose they share. The Society now has members in over forty countries and continues to grow in scope and size. They have guided the development of the GEMSTONE University and the beginning stages of creating the GEMSTONE Global Media Alliance to further the intentions of PanTerra D’Oro by establishing a global system of education and media. This is intended to develop a true and comprehensive understanding of the reality we are in and provide real and practical tools for self-transformation leading to global transformation. During this process Ken has immersed himself in deep research in the areas of law, money, history and monetary mechanics for 30 years and together they have immersed themselves in the study of esoteric knowledge for many decades. They share an integrated understanding of how the esoteric underlies, controls and directs the visible world and how it is an essential requirement to understand in order to establish a new world paradigm that supports all of Life. They have also pursued a lifelong passion for health and well being, with a strong emphasis on personal healing and spiritual development. Together they have created a far reaching and comprehensive curricula for the University that continues to grow and is intended to set the foundation for the media system the Society is soon to build. Ken began his career in the gemstone and jewelry business, which provided him a global perspective on the world, its peoples and their cultures and the area of hard assets and intrinsic wealth. From this starting point he embarked on his legal and monetary studies in the early 1990s and has studied with many of the most advanced mentors, researchers and thinkers in these fields ever since. He and Andrea have traveled the world extensively and have built a network of associations, strategic alliances and partners to manifest a foundation from which practical applications in real world endeavors can ensue for the PanTerra D’Oro Society and its members. PanTerra D’Oro is built on a foundation of knowledge and education, combined with comprehensive and practical solutions on how to operate within the world without being impaired or undermined by its many adhesions and traps that prevent real functional capacities. The PanTerra D’Oro Private Society is growing everyday because it is pioneering new models and prototypes on how to build a better society and global system. Membership is growing because people are finding the refreshing environment of PanTerra D’Oro and the GEMSTONE University where education, support, social interaction and committed passion to change the world all blend into a thriving community. Ultimately, Ken and Andrea share the purpose and intent to see the marginalized, downtrodden and desperate people of the world be provided an opportunity to build lives of honor, integrity, value, purpose and respect. Their concerns extend to the plight of animals and ecosystems and the world’s disappearing forests. They have many credentials in world affairs, having been part of mining companies, telecommunications companies, data systems companies, gemstone and jewelry companies and have interacted with inventors and business people and visionaries throughout the world. On this basis, along with the mastery of how the world system works with respect to law and money, they have built the foundation for education and media that is at the core of the Society’s mission. Their true calling is to awaken the spirit of humanity to its excellence and higher capacities. Their foundational purpose is to see Life renewed and disease and poverty and privation be forever removed from this world. They know that one day Life will return to balance in this world, and to this they have dedicated their lives and every waking moment to see it realized in their lifetime and to hand a legacy to the children of the future, which is a world in peace and prosperity and a world that works for all beings and all living things.

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