​We offer a selection of webinars, courses, workshops, mentoring programs, bootcamps and membership to provide you with transformational opportunities. Our offers are for everyone as the prices go from FREE to high end.

Wholistic Author Mastery

​Make Your Dream a Reality!

Join a New Way to Co create Write, Publish, Market and Record the Book of the Year

Start January 9th, 2021

11 Easy Empowering Insights & Exercises to Live the Impossible

​Transformation always comes from within.

These 11 empowering insights and exercises are tailored to support your transformation and connection to your inner genius. 

This connection can help you to access what you thought was impossible and connect with your dreams. Sign up for FREE!

Discover how to feel Confident, Radiant and Present in your own body

​Join Pam & Susana to Dive Deep into your Feminine Essence through Embodiment Exercises, Meditations and Guidance in this Webinar Series.

​​You will get:

  • 5 x 1 hour weekly live zoom webinars
  • 5 recordings of the webinars
  • Access to a secret Facebook group to share experiences and get your questions answered

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain! Regular price $99

​      Special $33
FREE Clarity Workbook
Identify what hold you back from Living your ‘Impossible’ Dream Life

​The Quantum Clarity Workbook is created by Susana & Oliver as a free tool for you to get more awareness and clarity. It is a contemplation tool for you to tune in and answer necessary questions to get a clearer and more whole and specific picture of what is holding you back in biz and life.

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5 Secrets to Reclaim YOUR Vitality and Age Youthfully

Don’t become part of the large population who are unable to enjoy the last thirty years + of their lives due to poor health and loneliness.

In this easy-to-absorb online FREE course Pam reveals 5 profound secrets to allow you to feel healthy and vital at ANY age!

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​Genius Code Reactivations & Mentoring Bootcamps
​Oliver & Susana specializes in supporting a new generation of conscious geniuses beings—who want to make a difference in the world—to overcome their limitations and fears and stand in their full power.

We cannot change your life for you, but what we can do is to mentor, counsel, guide, support and cheer you on when YOU take the quantum leaps to live as the unique genius you are to make your passionate dreams come true.

These are no ordinary sessions and bootcamps, as we work with Quantum fields, Multidimensional Realities and Energy Alchemy.
But we also bring in a balance of down to earth, specific, practical tools based on scientific research and own experiences.

Prices from €130

​How to improve your health and loose weight not just in these crazy times but for life? 

An online course with short video's, playbooks, worksheets and meditations to support you to transform your health, boost your immunity and wellbeing today.

It's more important than ever right now to optimise your health and your immunity.
People are dying and struggling with their health more than ever before.
Don't be one of the ever growing numbers of deceased or people with chronic health issues

Take action today to improve your health and wellbeing. You, your family and community will be grateful.
Normal Price $297
Pandemic special $97