152 Superpowers, Magic and Dragons on the Horizon w. Aurora Luna Star

We chat with Aurora Luna Star who specializes in soul alchemy activations and field cohesion alignment. We meander through the magic of dragons, lay lines and star children and their powers. We discuss the agenda behind wars and the motives of the military and the regular soldier. The divide and conquer energy on the planet right now and why this is part of the shift. What is the photon belt we have entered? How do we see dragons and unicorns? What does it take for us all to have super powers?

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151 Lead with Clarity and Curiosity w. Debra Sunderland

Come and play as we thrive into how to Lead with Clarity and Curiosity with Debra Sunderland who specializes in awakening leaders to their genius. Debra shares about her competitive life and how it led to a transformation, an awakening and how she found her purpose.  We peer into the world of leaders and CEO’s, their challenges and search for new ways of business and life. What are the new keys for leaders? How can you change corporate culture? Why should a CEO put themselves first? How can we spread more magic in the world?

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150 Who is behind the unhidden doors? w. David Icke

David Icke the world known English conspiracy theorist and author is back in the house for our 150th episode to reveal who is behind the unhidden doors. We open the door into the matrix and outline the consciousness of todays ‘real life’ Mr Smith and his handlers. Why do they want to ‘build back better’? Why was Trump a success for the cabal? Why are the whites, Christianity and Royals targeted big time in the west? What is the role of Meghan Markle? What has happened to our police? What does David do next?

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149 Knockout level Divine Energy Transmissions for the brave! w. Scott Smith

Energy blast alert! Scott Smith a mystic, energy worker, alchemist, and Master of the Core of Being shares Divine Energy Transmissions to bring you into alignment. Even before we hit record Scott took us on an energetic journey to our core and left us vibrating through out the show.
Scott shares his journey into energy work, the meaning of sacred geometry and symbols, including the true meaning of the pentacle. He taps into his core to relay the higher meaning of 666, who is the beast and when he will arrive. We chat about various religions, their origins and their hijacking. We end the show with a similar transmission we received for you to experience the power of who you really are as Divine source and receive a Darshan.

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148 Jump on the train to Honolulu Baby! w. Ole Dammegård

Ole Dammegård Truth Seeker, Code Breaker and Peacemaker inspires us to jump on the train to Honolulu Baby! Ole shares his experience of the feminine/masculine during childhood and beyond and how the transgender agenda screws things up even more. We chat about looking on the bright side of life despite and because of the One World Order  agenda’s playing out.  He shares some good metaphors to grasp the differences between 3D, 4D and 5D realities. How we deal with loved ones who live in a different reality and follow orders.  What is in the genetically modified technology? What is in the tests? What could be in you? What can we do?

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147 Lucifer & Ahriman Parasites Detox Soul-lution w. David Avocado Wolfe

Galactic giggles with David Avocado Wolfe, rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity multiverse, who shares about the Lucifer & Ahriman Parasites Detox Soul-lution. He deep thrives into Rudolf Steiner philosophy and its multifaceted wisdom and future perspectives of the human race. We chat about invincible health, pollution and detoxing on every level of body, mind, heart and soul. Why is the swirling feminine energy on the rise and why has it been suppressed? How did the apple get to the top of the tree? Who is the antichrist? Who is Ahriman? Is big foot real? How many types of water are there? Why does the root chakra get traumatized? Why would you do coffee enemas? All this and much more!

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146 Transmute Satanic Symbolism with Feminine Wisdom w. Michael Oddane

How to transmute satanic symbolism with feminine wisdom with Michael Oddane founder of WakeUpGlobe and WakeUp Friends.  Michael shares his journey as he  connects with the feminine, recognises the importance of duality and the hijack of symbols and numbers. We look at how the Freemason’s and the deep state have taken the true energy of 666, 33 and why the alphabet starts with an A. How did the A get its dash? Why is transgender, paedophilia and desexualising the feminine part of today’s agenda? How does the rise of the Cathars connect to the fall of the cabal?

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145 Joyfully Dance in the Storm of Deception w. Darius Barazandeh

Joyfully Dance in the Storm of Deception with Darius Barazandeh ex lawyer and founder of You Wealth Revolution, the world largest online energy healing and transformational event. Darius shares his story of a near death experience where he accessed a field of bliss that altered the course of his life. We chat about the possible timelines of the future, predictions and the pitfalls of staying stuck in the movie of slavery. How can you change your own movie to stand in your own power? What can we do when it snows in Texas?  How do you move from slave to divine law order? How do you shift from fear to bliss? How can we avoid the wheel of karma and reincarnation?

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144 Contemplate Feminine Wisdom in Business w. Richard Rudd

Contemplate Feminine Wisdom in Business with international spiritual teacher, author of the Gene Keys and award-winning poet Richard Rudd. Richard shares his journey into the gene keys and how his family business and its history is an example of the new ways for the feminine to rise.  We chat about different polarities, the feminine ways to approach life and the power of pause and contemplation. What are the Gene Keys? How can we use them in our everyday life? What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? How can we explore new feminine ways to do business?

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143 The Mayan 9th Wave to Unity w. Carl Johan Calleman

Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D the Mayan calendar and quantum theory expert shares the power of the 9th Wave of consciousness to Unity. We dive into the different waves, especially the 6th wave which has dominated our history for thousands of years. What are the brain hemispheres of mother earth? How do they affect us? Why is 13 important in the Mayan calendar? How can we access multidimensional realities? Why is the pineal gland important? How can we raise our unity consciousness?

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142 Masterpiece of Duality w. Alexander Inchbald

Extreme artist & Masterpiece movement creator Alexander Inchbald dives into the Masterpiece of Duality and the feminine energy of creation. He shares his journey away from and back to art and how to let go of resistance to connect with  the elements to produce great art. What is an extreme artist? What makes a masterpiece? How can we shift from the artist who suffers to an artist who thrives?

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141 End Violence with feminine power w. Conny Andersson

Tracker and former police officer Conny Andersson warm heartedly shares how we can end violence with feminine power.  We chat about what went wrong throughout history to reach the current divide between the masculine and feminine. Conny shares from a deep respect for women about her power and the roles women and men can play for a better world. How is domestic violence, child trafficking and rape part of a deliberate agenda? Why are the police increasingly violent? Why is this violence a good sign? Why is lingam symbolism everywhere? How can we be safe in times of chaos?

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140 Awaken to the 5th Dimension and how to stay there w. Jen McCarty

Awaken to the 5th Dimension and how to stay there. Signs and Tools to Awaken to who you Really Are with Jen McCarty, a leading luminary in the ascension and twin flame community. Jen shares her kundalini experience, the mass awakening to the messy 4th dimension and how to shift into the blissful 5th of your heart. We explore loneliness and sudden deaths in the Nursing Homes, rise of the sovereign and how to discern the ego from the higher self.
What are the signs of a twin flame? How do you know if you have a kundalini awakening? What can you do to stay in a high vibration?

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139 History Hijacks & Deceptions w. Wholyland Council

Wholyland Council dive into history hijacks & deceptions that comes to the surface at this time. We look at how naturalness is wronged so the artificial can take over. We ask the questions; How do the wounded masculine and feminine play out? How have we been played throughout history? How is Egypt connected to the deceptions? How does language keep us as slaves? How can nose swabs and needles violate us?  

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138 The Downer of High Rises w. Liz Bull

The Downer of High rises in the masculine world and the rise of the feminine with Life Mastery Consultant, Master Bio-Energy Healer and former lighting designer Liz Bull. We go to Las Vegas, China and follow the money through some rabbit holes of distraction, disconnection and disease of mind, thoughts and past life trauma.  What happened to women in history if they spoke up? Why do hotel carpets make your dizzy? Why does Las Vegas feel demonic? What can we do to shift the energy of money?

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137 Multidimensional History with Slices of bread w. Lori Spagna

Lori Ann Spagna a Spiritual Catalyst, Ascension Guide, Multi-Dimensional Channel and Animal Communicator slices a loaf of bread into Multidimensional History. We go wide and deep into our present realities, negative aliens, benevolent beings and why we need to face the dark. Lori explains the roles of animals and their service to us. How can we help animals in return? We chat about ‘lame stream’ media, different timelines, veganism, lay lines and the Schumann Resonance and the importance of choice for our future reality.

What is evil?

How do we ascend?

What are the 3 waves of light workers?

Which slice of bread do you choose?  

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136 Speak up Genuinely in Public w. Victoria Lioznyansky

Victoria Lioznyansky founder of  Brilliant Speakers Academy® shares on how to Speak up Genuinely in Public. We speak about fears, shadows and false persona’s of public speaking. We chat about public speaking in the past and how and what has changed today. Victoria shares tips and tricks on good practice for public speaking.
How do you overcome the fears of public speaking?

What makes a good speech?

How do you attract the right people to listen to you?

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135 You, the Galactic Federation and NO Fear w. Elizabeth April

The un-labelable Elizabeth April who intuitively channels the Galactic Federation, helps us innerstand the past, present and future. We chat about the collapse of timelines, karma and dream states. She shares how to dismantle fear, handle money and 3D energies.

What can we expect in 2021?

How are we affected by Atlantis and Lemuria today?

How can we use our reptilian brain to transform the future?

How can we use the crystalline cloud to spread our message?

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134 Where did the goddesses go? w. Halle Eavelyn

Where did the goddesses go? Author, global Spiritual tour leader and business strategist Halle Eavelyn passionately shares her insights of the rise of the feminine. We chat about the suppressed feminine today and in history, the patriarchic world and why geological evidence is discounted to fit the historical narrative. How can we use the masculine energy in us all? How do we use the feminine energy in us? Where is the logic and how do we discern what is the truth?

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133 Alien Love Bite and/or Energy Vampire? w. Eve Lorgen

Eve Lorgen, author, hypnotherapist and anomalous trauma researcher, reveals experiences and signs of Alien Love Bites, Energy Vampires and narcissistic abuse. We chat about abductions, implants, alien technology, dream spells, twin flames, love obsessions and entanglements from other dimensions. What are the signs of being bitten, used or harvested? What can you do about it? How do we reclaim our power and go from victim to be unfuckwithable?

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132 How to Stay Resilient in the Chaos of 2021 w. Wholyland Council

The Wholyland Council shares their experience and beliefs around How to Stay Resilient in Times of Chaos. We chat about global inconsistencies in rules and regulations, the lack of common sense and the illusion that we believe the authorities has any power over us. How can we stand our ground as living beings when confronted by authorities? How can we shift from believing in dead knowledge to living wisdom? Where can we focus to create the new beginning we are longing for?

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