Truth and Colleen

172 Boost your body, spirit and future w. Colleen Cackowski & Truth Calkins

Join Colleen Cackowski the raw food chef, Tonic Bar creator, who channels energy from source and Truth Calkins the Jing master, healer and expert on tonics and elixirs as we explore how to boost our body, spirit and future.

We chat about how to clear the body of graphene oxide, nano particles, Morgellons and other toxins and parasites.  Colleen helps us centre with a powerful energy clearing. What are Truths favourite protocols? What are the benefits of Reishi mushrooms? What keeps you trapped in fear?  Is Nano Soma just a new hype? How do you extend life? Why should we get off grid regularly? How do you clear EMF toxicity?


About Colleen Cackowski


Colleen Cackowski has a gift which allows her to channel energy from the Source, and facilitate a deeper connection for individuals with their own divine nature. What each person receives will depend on where they are in their soul journey, so everyone’s experience is unique. In 2012 when the Mayan calendar ended, the “old” energy system was disengaged and since 2013, a new energy is surrounding us. Our conditioning keeps us tied to the old system by our unconscious habits and patterns. In general, this work helps to release these old patterns that keep us stuck in limitation. Once we release these patterns, we are able to act and live more authentically from our divine blueprint. Colleen is an also an award-winning gourmet raw food chef has also been involved with the healthy food/beverage industry for over 25 years. The “Resident Superfood Chef” for David Wolfe’s Longevity Now® Conferences, Colleen specializes in creating recipes which support health, beauty, and longevity. For the past 10 years Colleen has created and managed Tonic Bars around the USA and internationally, and worked with many well-known raw food chefs, nutritionists and healers to integrate optimal nutrition and wellness into peoples’ diets and health regimens.

About Truth Calkins


Truth Calkins was raised healthy by alternative parents, then years after leaving his healthy upbringing behind, he developed candidiasis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Not satisfied with allopathic treatments, Truth dove deep back into alternative health. His desire and 100% commitment to heal himself over several years resulted in the creation of his program, which changed his life. Truth was then asked to work in the public as a Chinese tonic herbalist by Ron Teeguarden. Truth later opened and ran the tonic bar inside of Erewhon Natural Foods in Los Angeles, where he was discovered by David Wolfe, which resulted in Truth doing podcasts, lectures, and tonic bars for the Longevity Now Conferences. Truth has a wide range of alternative health experience, from working with healers in Brasil, to working for 4 years in clinic using diet, detoxification, herbs, health technologies, exercises and meditation, as his main modalities. Truth specializes in overcoming health challenges, rejuvenation, peak performance, and longevity. Truth does private consultations, and submersion programs at his JingCave. Truth is currently writing a book with his 21 years of experience in health, which will be released on his up-and-coming website.

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