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029 Curious about Curiosity

​Are you curious about curiosity? We are! How do you respond when someone has a different opinion to you? What do you do when you go on holiday? How do you answer your children’s never ending questions? How do you feel when they flood you with questions? With what colour glassed do you wear to interpret the news? Do you believe in ‘conspiracies’? How do you see we can create world peace? How do you feel with our never ending questions? !!

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027 Follow the Breadcrumbs to joy and happiness

​Today Susana, Oliver and Pam turn into mice as we play with the concept of following the breadcrumbs and the effect on our lives and how it increases joy and happiness. We look at what happens when we choose control and are stopped by mistakes and failure, or stay in our comfort zone rather than follow our passion and unique genius. What holds you back from following the breadcrumbs and how do you get back on track?

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025 Are you EMF Sensitive?

​Today Susana shares her story on how she has become highly EMF sensitive and how this effects her daily life. We look at the symptoms from wifi and cell phones. We are electro magnetic beings so Electro Magnetic Fields are naturally part of life, but its manmade EMF that effect the health and balance of our body’s.  We discuss what we can do to protect ourselves whilst still benefiting from the use of technology like our mobile phones and computers.

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023 Schooling options for the new times

​In this episode Pam asks Susana and Oliver about their experiences of educating their 3 children in different ways and how they and their children have coped with different school environments and options. We discuss children’s needs and how they are met or not by different educational options. We dive into the differences between home schooling, world schooling, un schooling and traditional schooling and the new holistic learning and alternative opportunities that are unfolding.

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021 Vision for the Future

​In this utopic episode we plunge into the future and how we would like to see the world develop. 
We discuss this time as being an opportunity to find out what you envision as your future. We question black and white thinking, the lack mentality, conspiracy theory and inequality across the world. 
We explore how by redistribution, collaboration, use of technological advances and local community, life could be sustainable for all and the world thrive.

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​Pam, Oliver and Susana go down the rabbit hole into what freedom means for each of us and how our personal freedom is being effected by the current lockdowns and the fears around Corona virus that are leading to hasty laws around vaccination and freedom of speech. 
We speak on how we feel free within and maintain this state and the opportunities this situation brings for the future, if we choose creativity and follow our passions to lead our  own life.

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017 Transform your Fears

​In this deep dive into fear and addressing the elephant in the room your hosts Oliver, Pam and Susana share their views on fear and how to transform it. We look at different types of fear, stress and the nervous system and how it effects our health and wellbeing. In these times of the Covid-19 lockdown fear is rife in the world population. We share our tips on how to stay calm, relaxed and centred in the middle of a storm.

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015 Different Shades of Dark

​In this dark episode we cheerfully share about the different types of darkness. Why people fear the dark and resist it and miss out on lots of the gifts and powers within themselves if they don’t release their shadows. We dare to go into the darkest of the dark used by the likes of Kabal to control and manipulate humanity. We shed light on evil and the power of Lucifer and the infinite potential of dark matter.   

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013 Exploring Clarity

Inspired by Jamie Smart and his bestseller book Clarity, Oliver and Pam explore the meaning of clarity and how to still the mind through connection to the body.

Also, how to use clarity to discover what you want and what you can do in times of great uncertainty to help yourself, your family and community.

There is always great potential for transformation hiding in a crisis! We dive deep into how clarity and peace of mind can lead to transformation, happiness  and success.

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011 Practice Alignment & Come Home

​Pam will guide you through a practice and visualisation on connecting with your vertical core to align,  feel safe and to increase intimacy.  Susana and Pam, as Art of Feminine Presence teachers, discuss the benefits of practicing alignment, stillness and curiosity. Along with how this can support your relationships and communication in your every day life, especially in times of stress and overwhelm.

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009 Feeling Emotions

​In this episode Pam and Oliver untangle the differences between emotions and feelings.
We speak around the importance of expressing all emotions to be whole and how society and culture has prevented this. We uncover what emotional freedom is!

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