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156 How to be a Mystical Icon w. Lorna Gabriel

Lorna Gabriel Founder of Luxe Godhead, a revolution in consciousness masquerading as a business shares how to be an Icon requires perseverance! After 9 internet interruptions we won the exploration into the dark side and how to transform the light. Lorna shares her story of suicidal and bipolar to mystical icon. We chat about the light grid and the dark, shadow alchemy, money shadows and what are the signs of a dark worker.

What is a dark worker? What does it take to be a dark worker? What is shadow alchemy? How can we bring out our genius?

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155 The mystery of corrupt systems w. :Sebastian.

:Sebastian, a free spirit, rebel and pilot shares about the mystery of corrupt systems. Sebastian discovered the fraudulent system whilst flying. This brought him down the rabbit hole to learn about all the tricks and traps that keep us enslaved. He shares a lot of his experiences and stories from breaking free to live as a sovereign. Why are we at war? Where are we going? How is water corrupted? How are we brain washed?

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154 The Mystery of Freedom and Rights w. Wendy Smith

Former Paralympian, trauma specialist & author Wendy Smith shares about the mystery of freedom and rights. Wendy brings us on her journey from a motorcycle accident, her shifts in believes that led to her being part of the Olympics.  
We wonder and wind around vcines, indoctrination, headucation, pollution, love, water, strawman, sovereign and freedom journey. How do we come back to our power? What does the word government really mean? How do you clean water?

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153 Divine truth v Shadow Reality w. Lori Spagna

Lori Spagna Best Selling Author, Spiritual Catalyst and Ascension Guide, shares about divine truth versus shadow reality and the magical potential of humanity. We wonder from one dimension to another as we explore the different frequencies of life today and the fastest ways to shift dimensions.  From shadows to divine, unconscious to conscious to create timelines we love with mermaids and crystals. What are you interested in? How do you strengthen and hold your light container? How do you shift your ego? How do you activate your DNA? How do you affect the Schumann Resonance?

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152 Superpowers, Magic and Dragons on the Horizon w. Aurora Luna Star

We chat with Aurora Luna Star who specializes in soul alchemy activations and field cohesion alignment. We meander through the magic of dragons, lay lines and star children and their powers. We discuss the agenda behind wars and the motives of the military and the regular soldier. The divide and conquer energy on the planet right now and why this is part of the shift. What is the photon belt we have entered? How do we see dragons and unicorns? What does it take for us all to have super powers?

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151 Lead with Clarity and Curiosity w. Debra Sunderland

Come and play as we thrive into how to Lead with Clarity and Curiosity with Debra Sunderland who specializes in awakening leaders to their genius. Debra shares about her competitive life and how it led to a transformation, an awakening and how she found her purpose.  We peer into the world of leaders and CEO’s, their challenges and search for new ways of business and life. What are the new keys for leaders? How can you change corporate culture? Why should a CEO put themselves first? How can we spread more magic in the world?

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150 Who is behind the unhidden doors? w. David Icke

David Icke the world known English conspiracy theorist and author is back in the house for our 150th episode to reveal who is behind the unhidden doors. We open the door into the matrix and outline the consciousness of todays ‘real life’ Mr Smith and his handlers. Why do they want to ‘build back better’? Why was Trump a success for the cabal? Why are the whites, Christianity and Royals targeted big time in the west? What is the role of Meghan Markle? What has happened to our police? What does David do next?

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