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159 Hold on or dare to let go w. Sacha Stone

Hold on or dare to let go of the spells of delusions with the freedom, sovereignty and human rights activist Sacha Stone. Are you one who will sink as the ship goes down or will you swim to be part of the new consciousness of middle earth? We chat about the tight illuminati grip of the Nordic countries, spells casts and the switch of power throughout world history. What happened to the Hollywood fairy tale? What will occur in the next few years? What will become of fiat currency, crypto and big businesses? What can the sovereignty movement teach us? What will we need to do with governments?

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158 Bring out your full Potential w. Wynford Dore

Bring out your full Potential with Wynford Dore founder of Zing Performance and discover the power to transform your life. The key hides deep inside your brain and is just waits for you to activate it. Wynford shares his touching story that led him on a journey of discovery of how the brain works and why so many have difficulties in reading, writing, concentration and coordination skills. We chat about alphabet diagnosis’s, dyslexia and depression and what we can do to shift and release our inner genius. What is the cerebellum? How can we improve our reading? How can we excel at sports?

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