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173 How Women Castrate Men and Hate it! w. Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong’s exploration of human behaviour began in 1991, with her decision to study men: ”To find out how I was bringing out the worst in them. And hopefully, how to bring out the best.” Her success in understanding men and women’s behaviour, hormones and making vital connections between the two.  She is now a world renowned speaker and bestselling author of ‘The Queens Code’.  We chat about orgasms, relationships, their downfalls and rise.  We learn some juicy stuff about men and women, plus survival tips and tricks on how your relationship can thrive.

How do women castrate men and why? What can men do about it? Why should men serve women? How do testosterone and oxytocin affect your sex life?

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172 Boost your body, spirit and future w. Colleen Cackowski & Truth Calkins

Join Colleen Cackowski the raw food chef, Tonic Bar creator, who channels energy from source and Truth Calkins the Jing master, healer and expert on tonics and elixirs as we explore how to boost our body, spirit and future.

We chat about how to clear the body of graphene oxide, nano particles, Morgellons and other toxins and parasites.  Colleen helps us centre with a powerful energy clearing. What are Truths favourite protocols? What are the benefits of Reishi mushrooms? What keeps you trapped in fear?  Is Nano Soma just a new hype? How do you extend life? Why should we get off grid regularly? How do you clear EMF toxicity?

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171 The Biggest Mind Control of WWII unravelled w. William Toel

The Biggest Mind Control of WWII unravelled by William Toel a speaker and author with experitize in politics, economics and a positive vision for Germany. William shares the unknown story of part of Bletchley Park a top secret intelligence unit in the UK during WWII aimed at destroying the German psyche forever. He is making it his mission to tell the truth to the German people and to help them wake from a long slumber and bring their true genius into the world. Were millions of German teenagers starved to death after the war? Are the German government still a puppet for the allies? How many German words were removed from use by this psyop?  How do the Germans reclaim their heart and soul?

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170 Magnetism, Shedding and Connection w. Dr. Christiane Northrup

Magnetism, Shedding and Connection with Christiane Northrup M.D a pioneer in women’s health and anti vaccine advocate. We chat about the strange goings on with the graphite particles in all things Covid. The great work some of her colleagues are doing to bring awareness of the true science. Is it dangerous to be around those vaccinated? How can we be safe around those who are shedding? How and why are people brain washed?  What does the future bring and what is the best we can do? What are we not seeing, or don’t want to see?

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169 Illuminati whistle blower Leo Lyon Zagami

Leo Lyon Zagami, writer, researcher and Illuminati whistle blower shares about his illustrious connections to European Royalty. What he learnt as a Free mason and in other secret societies and the price he has paid for spilling the beans. He talks about the loss of a friend in the Norwegian Freedom Movement who died under suspicious circumstances and persecution in Italy. Is depopulation part of the Deep State agenda? Is socialism destroying Europe? Should Americans keep their guns? Are the secret societies practising Satanism?

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168 Is a World Passport Right for You? w. David Gallup

Is a World Passport Right for You? David Gallup a specialist in human rights, world citizenship, world law education and President of the World Service Authority.

David shares how the world passport came to be and the incredible vision of Garry Davis to have a world of peace, equality and freedom of movement. How can we create a governing system which supports the people of the world?  How do you use the world passport? How to become a world citizen? Who are you? Do you still need visas?

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167 Pleiadian Revelations & The Ninth Dimensional Future w. Barbara Hand Clow

Barbara Hand Clow, author, teacher and Mayan calendar researcher shares about the Pleiadian Revelations & The Ninth Dimensional Future.  We chat about alien connections of the past, the three major astrological alignments of 2021 and what is important for the future. What are the Pleiadians telling us? What are the Cherokee prophecies? What is our connection to Mars? What is the Pleiadian Agenda? Was Atlantis more than a planetary event? How significant are the present solar flares? How does the deep state use Neptunian energies?  

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166: Is surviving the spike proteins an inside job? w. Ole Dammegard

Is surviving the spike proteins an inside job or is it a divide and conquer scam? With Ole Dammegard: Truth Seeker, Code Breaker and Peacemaker. Ole shares experiences of what happens when you surrender into the inner zone of being.  We discuss spike proteins, magnetic arms and links to AI.  What does the future hold? Are the vaxxed dangerous for the unvaxxed? Can peace conquer all? Can the vax create zombies? What does the pineal gland have to do with this? How can we be inspired by Gandhi and other gurus?

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165 Divine Conception of Mary and your own Dragons w. Marguerite Mary Rigoglioso Ph.D

Divine Conception of Mary and your own Dragons with Marguerite Mary Rigoglioso Ph.D founder of the Seven Sisters Mystery School and author of The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception: Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births. She channels new information on Mother Mary, dragons, golden eggs and the importance of laughter. We chat about virgin conception and orgasmic births, polarity and energy exchanges we need at this time
Who are the Watchers? What did the fallen Angels cause? Why is gold essential? What the f… is parthenogenesis? How does parthenogenesis work? How is everything created? Why are vowels so important? How does sexual intercourse affect our frequency? Why is womb healing life changing? Why do we speak babble?

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164 The Missing Links and Lands for our Survival w. Freddy Silva

Bring back The Missing Links and Lands for our Survival with Freddy Silva a leading researcher of ancient civilisations and sacred sites.  We travel around the planet to explore the world of the giants, the links to the stars and the Anunnaki. Freddy shares some of the signs and astronomical facts that we are getting close to another earth shift.
How are sacred sites connected through geometry, sound and consciousness? What happened to Atlantis and Lemuria? What is special about Sardinia? What is the message of the crop circles? Why does Freddy want to go to Denmark?

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163 Steps to Wholistic Solvent Sovereignty w. kenneth scott

Practical Steps to Wholistic Solvent Sovereignty with kenneth scott (AKA Ken Cousens) Co founder of PanTerra D’Oro Private Society and Private Contract Association. Ken describes common law and its history, canon law, ecclesiastic law, commercial law, martial law and different jurisdictions. He walks us through the history of the money system, the importance of solvency and the true value financial system of the near future.
How do we give our consent and contract without knowing? Why are we obliged to reincarnate? Is Nesara a way out? Who is King David and the House of Solomon and why is it relevant today? How does the bible fit into law and politics?

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162 Change the World with the Power of 8 w. Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart, award winning author and a central voice in the new consciousness movement chats on how we can Change the World with the Power of 8. We look into the keys to work with intention experiments and power of 8 groups. How can we heal and change our lives? What miracles happen when we co-create?  What effect does the language of health care professionals have on patients? What power do words have? How do we tap into our innate power?

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161 Quantum leap to a brighter future w. Mikael Säflund

Quantum leap to a brighter future with quantum physicist, author and speaker Mikael Säflund.  We chat about transformation and more joyful beliefs in very fearful and harsh times. The almost total mind control is falling apart and we now have the opportunity to create the future we want. Mikael guides us through an experience with instant shifts with a simple tool. How has history corrupted us? Who are we? Why is our energy harvested? How can quantum physics change us?

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160 The Esoteric Approach to Exit the Matrix w. kenneth scott

The Esoteric Approach to Exit the Matrix with Kenneth Scott (AKA Ken Cousens) co-founder of  PanTerra D’Oro. A Private Society and Private Contract Association. A deep and meaningful conversation into the various types of laws, tricks and traps of the mainstream approach to sovereignty. He describes the parasitic nature and mirroring of the controlling part of the matrix.
What is the esoteric view on commerce? What is your strawman and how does it relate to usufruct? Are you a mariner, a merchant or property? What is UCC and where does it come from? How can you rescind contracts and signatures?

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159 Hold on or dare to let go w. Sacha Stone

Hold on or dare to let go of the spells of delusions with the freedom, sovereignty and human rights activist Sacha Stone. Are you one who will sink as the ship goes down or will you swim to be part of the new consciousness of middle earth? We chat about the tight illuminati grip of the Nordic countries, spells casts and the switch of power throughout world history. What happened to the Hollywood fairy tale? What will occur in the next few years? What will become of fiat currency, crypto and big businesses? What can the sovereignty movement teach us? What will we need to do with governments?

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158 Bring out your full Potential w. Wynford Dore

Bring out your full Potential with Wynford Dore founder of Zing Performance and discover the power to transform your life. The key hides deep inside your brain and is just waits for you to activate it. Wynford shares his touching story that led him on a journey of discovery of how the brain works and why so many have difficulties in reading, writing, concentration and coordination skills. We chat about alphabet diagnosis’s, dyslexia and depression and what we can do to shift and release our inner genius. What is the cerebellum? How can we improve our reading? How can we excel at sports?

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