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026 From Broke to Joy w. Justin & Nicole Dennis

​We are joined by Justin and Nicole, two fun loving Aussies who are living life to the full and have found joy in more ways than one, after facing major health and financial challenges. Justin shares the importance of passion and  knowing your why and what you want for yourself, family and community. Also the value of community in times of challenge. They also speak about the benefits of having a way of earning that produces a residual and leveraged income.

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024 Find ways to follow your dreams and passion w. Angelika Roberts

​Actress and screen writer Angelika Roberts shares her story of moving from the glamour of Hollywood back to her roots as she followed her passion and heart. She describes what helps to keep her passions creativity and focus alive in harder times. Oliver and Sanna ask about her latest projects including her Greta’s B&B and discuss her latest documentary project about 5G.

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022 Free Living as a World schooling Digital Nomad w. Mille Sjøgren

​Many people have been thrown into the world of home schooling by necessity rather than choice due to the Coronavirus. In this episode the digital nomad Mille shares her experiences and benefits of world schooling as her family travels the world with Susana and Oliver who also world school.  
We also chat about different ways and challenges to living freely whilst running a successful business.  

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020 A Multidimensional Reality for a better Future w. Christian Pankhurst

​In this multidimensional wide ranging episode Susana and Pam chat with Christian Pankhurst founder of the Heart IQ™ Method, on everything from life and death to every facet in between. Christian shares the benefits of the Heart IQ™ Method and a synergetic community in facing fear and uncertainty and his vision for the future. The conversation jumps time lines into multi galactic downloads and extraterrestrial experiences. We quantum leap into dysfunctional actions and the prison community and how a different approach could transform the whole world.  

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018 How to Live from F*ck YES every day w. Katrina & Bryan Elkins

​In this light hearted yet deep conversation between 4 friends they unlock the energies of fully saying YES to life as they share their truths about: the Sacred Masculine and Feminine, the benefits and challenges of being world travellers with children in tow, reactivating DNA and the courage to jump.
Katrina and Bryan describe their elemental lifestyle where passion, freedom, connection and community is part of every day life.  

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016 Surrender into Life w. Kacper Maciej Postawski

​We are diving deep with Kacper Maciej Postawski on how he has manifested and lived several dreams over the last few years. Kacpers story answers life changing questions such as: How can you experience your true self? How to release your ego? How can you surrender and let go? How to release trauma?  He also shares about The dangers and benefits of the Bufo medicine, the power of intentions, the differences between psychedelic medicines and the experience of living from your higher self.

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014 Leadership Mindset for Entrepreneurs w. Anna Parker-Naples

In this episode the podcast queen Anna Parker-Naples shares her journey from being bound to a wheelchair for life to being a walking, talking celebrity with her brand ‘Get Visable’. We chat about the importance of changing our mindset and how by doing so transformation happens quickly. Anna gives great examples on how you can discover your passion, dreams and the possibilities for success.​

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010 Embodied Presence w. Rachael Jayne Groover

​In this episode best selling author and entrepreneur Rachael Jayne Groover shares her story and how presence can transform your life. We dive deep into the breakthroughs Rachael Jayne, Susana and Pam have experienced as Art of Feminine Presence trainers. We look at different shades of normal and the benefits of being really seen by others. We also chat about how to feel safe in our body’s, be magnetic and radiant and the importance of embodiment, especially in these turbulent times.

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008 How to feel good during Corona virus Lockdown w. Wiz

​Wiz (Richard) the Minister for Inspiration enthusiastically shares about his story from millionaire to suicidal and his radical shift into happiness. In these times of Corona Virus lockdown many feel fear of  the Covid-19. Wiz talks about how to move out of fear, make conscious choices and his keys to happiness. His passion shines through as he shares about the ‘script’ and being there. 

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006 Success through Inner Business w. Linda Bjork

​Linda shares her views on impossible which she spells as “I’m possible” 
We dive deep into intuition and to how we connect with it, including focusing on the why rather than the how!   
Linda talks on the concept of how the combination of mindfulness and inner business are essential for true success.
 We also discuss how daring to be crazy is a necessity to stay sane! Listen to our first epic episode in our chatshow now!

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